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Reformed thief: Michael Fraser helps people to protect their homes against burglary. There is a knock on the door. This is not what I expected from someone trying to break into my home but apparently it...


Whack The Burglars is like 2 Whack-It games in one! A group of thieves want to steal your money, your games, your drugs and other articles of value.


Although the thief fled, the neighbour’s actions in June eventually led to the arrest of long-time burglar Michael McDonagh who had stolen jewellery, including sentimental items, and computer games.


Police are anxious to trace a woman who burgled GEORGE MICHAEL’s north LONDON home. The intruder broke into his Hampstead house on November 4 but escaped before officers arrived on the...


Beat The Burglar Presenter Michael Fraser is Britain’s best known burglary advisor.


Michael turned his back on a profitable life of crime (one burglar was recently reported to have stolen £75,000 worth of goods in one year).


Whack the Burglars on 8iz. Take out the pesky burglars who decided to rob the wrong house. Grab a variety of items in your house and then whack all of the criminals.


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During filming for his BBC programme Beat The Burglar, Michael was once challenged to break and enter a house containing guard dogs.


Burglar is an optional side-mission available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mission is available at the start of the game, although it is first introduced to the player during Ryder's mission, Home Invasion.