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The distribution channel for MaK product and product support is through a small number of MaK dealers, all of which except one are owned by Cat dealer principals.


myek (Geordie), make (Standard English). mak (third-person singular simple present maks, present participle makin, simple past and past participle maked or made). (Wearside) to make. A Dictionary of North East Dialect, Bill Griffiths, 2005, Northumbria University Press, ISBN 1904794165. KAM, kam.


A MAK is used for one-time activation with Microsoft’s hosted activation services. Each MAK has a predetermined number of allowed activations...


Mak Savunma Lemo Konnektör & Redel Konnektör.


MAK. Multiple Activation Key (Microsoft). MAK. Mouvement pour l'Autonomie de la Kabylie (French: Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia; Algeria).


Maktab al-Khidmat, MAK(noun). a terrorist organization founded by Osama bin Laden in the 1980s to provide money and recruit fighters around the world...


Mak may refer to: Mak Dizdar (1917 - 1971), Bosnian poet. Muhammad Arshad Khan, Pakistani painter popularly known as "MAK". Alice Mak, Chinese cartoonist and creator of McMug/McDull. Geert Mak, Dutch journalist, historian, and author. Róbert Mak, Slovak football player.


The Sound of Piano Music One of the most prolific creators of musical covers on YouTube, Malaysian Ray Mak shares his passion by making piano covers of songs...


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Róbert Mak (born 8 March 1991) is a Slovak professional footballer who plays for Greek Super League club PAOK FC on loan from Zenit St. Petersburg and the Slovakia national team as a winger. Edit. Edit. Mak, a native of Bratislava, began playing football at the youth squad of the local club ŠK Slovan.