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Примеры SELECT: 1-10. Примеры запросов MySQL могут быть использованы для изучения MySQL и практикума по написанию запросов MySQL. Для осуществления выборки из таблиц базы данных используется оператор SELECT.


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is sending a "SELECT 1" statement to the database, and I am basically curious. Does it simply select one column from the record it finds?


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Synopsis. [ WITH [ RECURSIVE ] with_query [, ...] ] SELECT [ ALL | DISTINCT [ ON ( expression [, ... | expression [ [ AS ] output_name ] [, ...] INTO [ TEMPORARY | TEMP | UNLOGGED ] [ TABLE ] new_table [ FROM from_item [, ...] ] [ WHERE condition ] [ GROUP BY expression [, ...] ]


SELECT is a keyword that controls what is inside the columns that are returned. SELECTing 1 or NV.network will return the same number of rows. Therefore you can SELECT whatever you want, and canonical ways to do that include SELECT NULL or SELECT 1...


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