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By default, Safe Mode does a UID compare check when opening files. If you want to relax this to a GID compare, then turn on safe_mode_gid.


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Even though the max_execution_time is set to 0 and safe_mode is set to off in php.ini Where else can the execution time limit be specified? (like httpd.conf or htaccess files)? What are recommended steps for the RCA?


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I'm on a server with safe mode on. Now the server allows .htaccess files. I have one in my public_html folder with settings of Wordpress. Now in a sub-domain i want to insert an .htaccess file that dsiables...


... and so turning off expose_php now has no effect on the result of ... echo "Safe Mode: {$phpinfo ['PHP Core']['safe_mode'][0]} ... [date/time support] ...


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I am running PHP 7 and i need to turn off safe mode to test a command. I have no idea where and how to do this. Can any one help me?


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